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Experience the Highly Effective Benefits of Our Traditional Lomilomi Massage


Hula Dance

You Can Find the Class that is Right for You

So that persons of a wide age range can enjoy hula dance, we have classes from introductory, beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Also, we have children’s classes. For persons seeking a healthy lifestyle, who want to shape up, we have that class that will meet your needs.  We have classes in Misawa, Hachinohe, Takko, Kuji and more locations, so please inquire.

*Popular Classes*

Hula Dance Class

Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced classes - the basics taught carefully in fun, relaxed classes.

Keiki (Children) Classes

Hula Dance Classes that little children can enjoy.

Core Muscle Class

he class designed to strengthen the muscles, especially core muscles, that are needed for hula dance.

Best Training Class

Perfect class for dementia prevention, preventive care, stress relief.

Tahitian Dance Class (Children)

Class for children concentrating on Tahitian dance.

Performer Practice Class

The class for those who want to perform at various public locations, events, culture festivals, etc.

Hula Dance Private Lessons

Lessons taught with individual guidance that draws out and maximizes the best of the dancer’s skills, imparts the know-how for ideal body movement so that a dancer can give the best performance.



Yoga Adapted to the Temperament and Constitution of Average People

Fitness Yoga is yoga with much of the very difficult poses eliminated, that provides moderate stress to the body in a manner that gives the exerciser the sense of accomplishment and freedom of movement.   It is a compilation of the 5,000 years old Indian Hatha Yoga and modern Power Yoga, arranged to suit the average physique for excellent results.

Fitness Yoga can be started at any age.

With proper posture that does not overstress the legs and back, this yoga easily builds muscular strength, while helping to prevent pain in the knees and back. The purpose is not to learn poses, but to develop the ability to maintain consciousness of proper breathing and control the movement of the body. Anyone, if you have thought that you really want to know what is yoga, please feel free to participate in our classes.


Lomi Lomi

Experience the Highly Effective Benefits of Our Traditional Lomilomi Massage

Aunty Margaret was the first teacher of traditional Hawaiian lomilomi massage, and our therapists have learned their skills from her original understudies.  At our salon, where over half of the clientele are repeaters, you can experience the highly effective benefits of traditional lomilomi.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
From 3,500 yen

With special oil the therapist uses the forearm and elbow to apply deep-tissue massage and resolve muscle stiffness, relax the mind and body this traditional Hawaiian massage.

From 4,000 yen

Using our multifaceted facial machine, the tissue and cells are stimulated, strengthened, cleansed… remedying blemishes, wrinkles, sagging skin … bringing out your most youthful, healthy, vibrant skin complexion.

Shape-up Slimming
From 4,500 yen

With the powerful G-5 machine and the lomilomi technique, the lymph system is massaged, released and drained, the body tissues are firmed and tightened … you will be surprised at the ‘size-down’ results of even one session.

Deluxe Package
From 7,000 yen

Using a combination of various massage techniques, this is our popular value package.

Example: Lomilomi 45 minutes, facial 45 minutes



We are proud of our history of over 30 years teaching and the accomplishment of training over 200 instructors.  Our graduates have gone into private business, sports clubs and gyms, health care and care for the aged, teaching classes and private groups, active in many fields of fitness and health.

Hula Dance Instructor
Training Course

Yoga Instructor
Training Course

Lomilomi Therapist Intensive
Training Course

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