Fitness Yoga

Keeping with the guidelines of fitness theory, we have eliminated or modified the very difficult poses, to apply appropriate stresses to the body and give participants a substantial sense of accomplishment and freedom. Using this combination of the 5,000 year old Hatha Yoga of India and the modern Power Yoga, our yoga class is designed for the temperament and physical constitution of the average person so anyone can attend and benefit from this class.

Class fee may vary by location or the particular circle, so please inquire.

Yoga Classes by Location

Misawa City (Main School)

Address: Aomori-ken, Misawa-shi, Shimokubo 57-149

Class: Four times a month

Hachinohe City (Nejo Community Center)

Address: Aomori-ken, Hachinohe-shi, Uruichi 4-7-6 Nejo Community Center 2nd Fl Main Hall

Class: Three times a month

Hachinohe City (Hacchi)

Address: Aomori-ken, Hachinohe-shi, Mikkamachi 11-1 Hachinohe Portal Museum  Hacchi 5F

Class: Twice a month

Calls taken 9:00〜19:00



Q1. Can a person tryout a class?
A1. Yes, up to 15 minutes for free.
 Note: For a class tryout, we will lend you a yoga mat.

Q2. Does one need to bring equipment or special clothing?
A2. Bring a yoga mat, and water or sports drink for rehydration, a small towel to wipe sweat, and dress in clothing that is easy to move in.

Q3. Can men also participate in the yoga class?
A3. Yes, they can. Please feel free to inquire.

Q4. Do you have parking available?
A4. At the Hacchi location in Hachinohe  City, there is no free parking so you must use the paid parking nearby.  At the other locations, free parking is available.


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