Yoga Course

We bring you a program compiled from 5000 year-old Indian Hatha Yoga and contemporary Power Yoga, arranged for a moderate level of difficulty that promotes the gratification of success, and maximum benefits of mental and physical relaxation.

Yoga Course


  • - Improve musculo-skeletal flexibility, strength and stability.
  • - Relieve mental and physical stress.
  • - Relieve musculo-skeletal abnormalities; restore good posture.
  • - Activate the center of the autonomous nervous system and improve hormone production.
  • - Weight control.
  • - Relieve insomnia.
  • - Relieve pain and stiffness of joints, lower back, shoulders.
  • - Help prevent diseases of life-style and aging.

Popular Menus

Senior (Over 60) Class

In Yoga there is no stress to the legs and back when done with the correct posture and you easily gain muscular strength, and you can reduce knee and lower back pain. the purpose is not to achieve any particular pose, but to be conscious of proper breathing technique while improving your ability to control your body’s activities. If you have thought that you would like to try yoga to find out what it actually is, please come by and attend our class.
Also since there are many persons who do not or cannot use the Internet, if you have a family member, like mother or a friend who might be interested, please share this information.

FAQs About Yoga Course

Can I try out the class?
Yes, you can. You can attend the class for the first 15 minutes for free. We will even provide a you a yoga mat.
What to I bring and wear?
A yoga mat, rehydration (water or sports drink), a towel to wipe sweat. Also, wear clothes that permit easy movement.
Can men attend the yoga class?
Yes, of course. Please feel free to inquire.