Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi is used in traditional Hawaiian medicine and means “rub, press and squeeze” in Hawaiian. With our treatment, while applying oil, we use our hands, elbows and arms to massage the body’s deep muscle tissues. We also offer clothed Thai style massages as well as facials that will help prevent the wrinkles and sagging that we all worry about.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage


What are the benefits of Lomilomi massage?

Lomilomi massage is well known for its relaxing effects but it also facilitates the flow of blood and the lymphatic system which enhances the body’s own internal healing processes.

  • – Facilitate recovery from musculo-skeletal injury.
  • – Reduce muscle and joint pain from injury, over-use, and arthritis.
  • – Relax mind and body, reduce stress and effects of stress.
  • – Relieve fatigue.
  • – Stimulate flow of blood and lymph.
  • – Increase metabolic processes.
  • – Improve skin tone, muscle tone and quality.
  • – Remove old cells and stimulate new skin growth.
  • – Help break down sub-dermal fat; stimulate cellulite reduction.

Courses / Price

Courses Price List Menu of Service
40’Course $ 35 back of the legs , back
60’Course $ 40 back of the legs , back, décolleté (upper chest area), head
90’Course $ 75 back of the legs , back , front of the legs , décolleté (upper chest area), head
120’Course $ 95 back of the legs , back , front of the legs , abdomen , sides , décolleté (upper chest area) , head
Maternity 50’Course $ 40 done lying on the side : sides , back , arms , hands , legs , head
Optional menu 10 min $ 5 slimming

Reservation Time

Monday through Saturday 10:00~19:00(Last appointment is at 18:00)
Closed on Sunday


What do I bring and wear?
We provide everything so there is nothing in particular for you to bring.
If getting a facial, bring make-up or cosmetics that you might want to use before you leave.
Is an appointment necessary?
Appointment is required. Please call to make an appointment.