Go To Our School Blog and See Photos of all Our Events!

We have had many events last year and this year and more to come.
You can see photos of all these activities by visiting our blog.

To see the blog, click on the ‘Japanese’ tab (pink with Japanese flag) at the top right of the home page,
then the Japanese version of the home page appears.

Below the ‘Japanese’ tab look for the phone number 0176-53-2891 and right under it is an orange tab that says ‘スクールブログ’
Click on that and you will see a page titled “ブログ School Blog” and three pages of titles in English and Japanese
appear. Click on a title and all the photos and descriptions appear. Scroll down to see them all.
To view the next page, click on the link ‘Older Entries’ at the bottom of the left column.
Right now the descriptions are only in Japanese but even if you don’t read Japanese,
a picture is worth a thousand words!